Why Hire

One vital element to a successful office move project is making sure that you have the best equipment and resources for the job.

Many businesses that are undertaking a move, reorganisation or refurbishment will choose to hire storage crates. Indeed, a professional removal company would not embark on a commercial relocation project without planning for the required number of plastic removal crates and other specialist handling equipment for carrying out their move.

Hiring your removal crates and handling equipment as opposed to buying these assets outright makes sound business sense. Crate rental allows complete flexibility to your business needs, as you can rent the exact number of crates where and when you want them. Commercial crate rental from Rentacrate is a service designed to help you plan an office, library or business move. Our rental crates arrive with you the very next day, clean and ready for immediate use. When your move is complete, and on you instruction, we will come to collect your empty crates.

Hiring crates also has environmental benefits. They are re-useable so there is no waste to be disposed of, as would be the case if you were using cardboard packaging.

Our plastic removal crates are incredibly robust. Being manufactured from tough polypropylene they provide the best protection for your effects during handling, storage and transit.

A variety of crate types and styles are available with capacities ranging from 25 to around 165 litres, which gives you the scope to efficiently pack and move all sorts of office related items. The most popular crates for office moves tend to be computer crates which are specially designed to hold computer and computer related equipment and flat screens, and standard lidded crates, which are a preferred all-rounder. In addition to a range of lidded crates, un-lidded crates are also essential for moving books or lateral filing systems.

The crates are stackable and can be secured with security seals. You can also buy labels to attach to the ends of the crates to identify their contents. This is ideal for organising your items, particularly your filing system.

When removal crates have been packed and secured they can be manually carried or safely stacked for transporting out of a building to a vehicle. Skates and trolleys are commonly used to assist with the manual handling involved.