Barcoding and why it's important

Why do Bar Codes matter?
Until recently when we delivered crates to a site we only recorded the quantity delivered and as far as we were concerned if we got that same quantity back we were happy. However real life isn’t that simple and losses can occur when crates are rented.

By listening to users of our crates it became apparent that simply counting crates wasn’t enough, after all if several crate users were in the same building how do we know that the ones being returned actually belonged to the person returning them?

In addition there was no mechanism to track the crates within your organisation which meant that more often than not no record was kept of who had been given crates to use and more importantly who hadn’t returned them.

In order to address these issues we have added a barcode to each of our core crates. When we deliver our crates you will get a copy of the delivery note listing all of the individual barcodes. When we collect them likewise you will get a list of the individual barcodes collected. At any time you can contact our customer services team and get a list of the individual barcodes that are outstanding.

By downloading our Crate Agent app (soon to be available in the Apple App store and the Google Play store) you will be able to see the delivered crates in the “Goods In” Location. From there you can create new locations to move the individual crates into and even attach an inventory list to any crate. When we collect the crate it will automatically be removed from the App thus giving you unprecedented visibility of the crates.

Whilst these changes won’t stop crates from being relocated to someone’s garage a year’s worth of data has shown that crate losses can be reduced by approximately 50% as compared to non bar coded crates. The visibility you have will ensure that any lost crates can be tracked with more accuracy than ever before.